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A little about me...

I have been in love with the theatrical arts since I was a tot in my older sister's high school production of Quilters.  It was  like playing pretend, which I loved, and I thought it was especially cool that my teenage sister had to play with me!


From then on, I found many opportunities as a child to exercise my performance muscle. I even created opportunities like when my friends and I performed our original musical The Midnight Cry (a murder mystery) in her garage one summer at age seven. Librettist:  my pal, Mary Ellen. Composer and Lyricist: yours truly. 


Needless to say, all of our garage matinees led me to where I am today, a professional theatre artist in the DC area! I have recently performed with The Keegan Theatre, The Puppet Co, and Grassroots Shakespeare DC. 

I had the privilege of studying abroad in England at The London Dramatic Academy with Fordham University my Junior year of college. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I know everyone says that when they go abroad, but c'mon, there's a reason! I worked on classical acting, dialects, stage combat, Laban, theatre history, Shakespeare, Period Dance, and performed at The Tower of London.

When I'm not performing, I am teaching the performing arts to students of all ages. I am passionate about sharing the joy and freedom theatre and music offers to young people, people with disabilities, and those who might just learn things a little differently than others. I love how stories and the arts help us explore social dynamics, self expression, problem solving, and empathy. Whatever subject I teach, I am myself and my students towards those goals.


In my down time, I am exploring my local coffee shops, exploring parks and going on walks, or spending time with my family and spoiling my nieces and nephews. I enjoy cooking and baking, and meeting friendly dogs at the farmer's market.

I am  currently performing in The Keegan Theatre's production of Elegies which run from October 22nd to November 20th with a possible extension. Go to my home page for the link to tickets! Come check it out. It is a beautiful show!


Want to Learn More?

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Check out my artistic statement to learn more about what I do, and how and why I do it!

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